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Welcome To  Raif Adel Law Firm

Law firm of Raif Adel, one of the pioneers in presenting the most complicated and popular consulting and services in Egypt and the Arab Nations within the legal and investing fields. Our office was established from two decades as a comprehensive law firm specialized in the commercial disputes, law of companies and investments, contract drafting, agreements, negotiation and arbitration in addition to having a special division for the personal status, criminal and labor lawsuits.
During the globalization era and the competition accentuation, we based our reputation while stepping forward towards success on Presenting a spectacular services and consulting in all legal and investing matters all time-high by the cheapest price by a professional team of consultants, lawyers and talented experts of wide expertise in all fields of law and several investment sectors. For that we usually aim to enhance our strength, develop the skills of our team our convoying whatever new in the legal and financial environment
We are looking forward for building strong and long relationships with our clients wherever and finding creative and detailed solutions assisting them to succeed in all sectors and in different fields for example companies, investment, real estates, contracting, banks, financial institutions, funding, power, petroleum, gas, tourism, hotels, pharmaceutical industry, logistic services, agriculture and others.
Our vision for the future is not just wishes but it is based on understanding the needs of our clients from the individuals and companies, and the legal and the commercial needs, and on the experience and trust that enhance us to fulfill those needs and challenge difficulties. We have a full record of achievements in several investment sectors that crossed the expected goals. Our logo is impartiality and transparency with our clients and efficiency, excellence and creativity in whatever presented from services and the investment and legal consulting.
Therefore we concluded a cooperation agreement with the best certified accountants, financial and taxation experts to provide financial, auditing and taxation consultancy to our clients.

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